Regulated and Safest Forex Brokers for Scalping, Intraday, and Swing Traders

Looking for some regulated forex brokers for your scalping, intraday or swing trading? There are lots and lots forex brokers out there. Finding which one that suits you best is not easy. Don’t worry. You just came to the right place. We will help you find the most suitable forex brokers for you.

In this article, we have a list of seven regulated forex brokers. We will give you a short overview of each broker to help you determine whether a certain broker is suitable for your trading needs. Before we get to the list, we will tell you factors to consider first when choosing a broker first so you are better equipped to decide.

Choosing a Broker: Factors to Consider

When you are looking for a forex broker, you can’t just open an account on the first broker you see. Sure, you might get lucky. But that would be just too risky. What you should do instead is to take your time and put the following factors into consideration.

1. Security
The number one factor to consider when choosing regulated forex brokers security. You can’t trade if the broker isn’t safe, let alone make profits. Remember that trading requires money and you are going to hand over your money to the broker. So, first and foremost, consider the security factor.
Thankfully, nowadays it is not difficult to check a forex broker’s credibility. There are plenty of regulatory agencies around the world who separate the fraudulent from the trustworthy. For example, the U.K. has FCA, Australia has ASIC, and so on. Be sure that your would-be broker is a member of renowned regulatory agencies.

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2. Transaction costs
Regardless of whether you are a scalp trader, an intraday trader, or a swing trader, there will always be transaction costs as you trade. Each and every time a trader enters a trade, they will be subjected to pay either a commission or the spread. Naturally, you would want to find a forex broker who offers cheap and affordable rates.

The problem lies on the reliability. It is rare to find a reliable forex broker who offers the cheapest rates on the market. There has to be a sacrifice on the costs. So, choose a forex broker who is reliable and offers affordable rates for you.

3.Deposit and withdrawal
One of the easiest tells a forex broker is good is how it handles deposit and withdrawal. The more hassle-free the processes of both, the better the broker is. Keep in mind that a broker has no good reason to make it difficult for traders to withdraw profits. It holds funds only to facilitate trading. Nothing more.

Before you hand over your money to a forex broker, make sure that the deposit and withdrawal process is both hassle-free. A broker that makes it difficult is a red flag. If anything, a broker should make the withdrawal process easy, smooth, and speedy. Don’t settle for less.

4.Trading platform
Next is the trading platform. When you are engaging in online forex trading, your trading activity will mostly be done through the trading platform of the broker. For this reason, you want a trading platform that is stable and user-friendly. User-friendliness is especially important if you are a beginner trader as you are probably not familiar yet with trading.

What kinds of features that a trading platform should provide? Easy to understand and use charting and technical tools, a free news feed, and relevant information regarding trading, among others. When you are looking for regulated forex brokers, be sure to check out their trading platforms.

5.Trading execution
Execution is really important as well. Under normal market circumstances, a good broker will fill a trader at the market price for each order. At the very least, the price should be very close at the market price or within the price’s micro-pips when a trader is clicking the “sell” or “buy” button.
Besides the price, the speed of the fill is also important. This is particularly true if you are a scalp trader. A scalp trader must win over half of their total trade to make up for the losses. And that would be very difficult if the fill is a few pips different.

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6.Customer service
There are many excellent forex brokers out there but none of them is perfect. As such, it is not a matter of “if” but “when” a problem will arise. Knowing this, you should put customer service into consideration when you look for a forex broker.

How a broker handles technical support or account issues is very crucial. Perhaps as crucial as how it handles trades. A good broker will be capable of handling issues while being helpful and kind to the traders. Never settle for a broker that has bad customer service.

The List

Now that you know what factors should be considered in choosing a forex broker for your trading, let’s move on to the list. Below, we listed 7 regulated and safest forex brokers for scalping, intraday and swing traders.

1. Tickmill

If regulated forex brokers are what you want, then Tickmill is undoubtedly among the best option with its five industry regulations. On top of that, the company has, not just little to no slippage, but also tight spreads as well, thus making it a very solid option for day traders alike.

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• Regulations:
A. Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA)
Tickmill Ltd is regulated as a Securities Dealer by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority.

Licence number: SD008

FSA is established under the Financial Services Authority Act 2013. The regulator’s key responsibilities include the licensing, supervision and development of non-bank financial services in Seychelles through a solid regulatory regime.

B. Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
Tickmill UK Ltd is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

FCA Register Number: 717270

The FCA is an independent public body given statutory powers by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, regulating the conduct of both retail and wholesale financial services firms in the UK. The regulator’s mission is to make financial markets work well with the aim to protect consumers, enhance market integrity and promote competition.

C. Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)
Tickmill Europe Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission as a CIF limited company.

Licence number: 278/15

CySEC is the financial regulator of the Republic of Cyprus, established according to section 5 of the Securities and Exchange Commission (Establishment and Responsibilities) Law of 2001. The purpose of CySEC is to safeguard investor protection and facilitate the sound development of the securities market through the exercise of efficient supervision.

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• Advantage trading with tickmill :
Zero Commissions
• Minimum deposit: USD 100 for all account types
• Forex leverage: 1:500
• Platforms: MT4, MT5, (web platform), cTrader
• Other instruments: CFDs on shares, indices, futures, energies, metals, also spread betting

2.IC Markets

This is an Australian broker. It has no trading restrictions and no requotes and thus, doesn’t have any price manipulation whatsoever. If you are a day trader who wants a true ECN environment for your trade, then IC Markets will be suitable for your trading needs. IC Markets have very good review in forex peace army forex forum.

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• Regulation: ASIC
• Type: STP, ECN, Market Maker
• Minimum deposit: USD 200
• Forex leverage: 1:500
• Platforms: cTrader, cTraderiPad/iPhone, cTrader Android, cTrader Web, MT WebTrader, MT4, MT5, MT Android, MT Mac, MT iPad/iPhone, cTradercAlgo
• Other instruments: CFDs on commodities, indices, cryptocurrency, stocks, bonds, and futures


As a forex broker, Pepperstoneis a great option for day traders regardless of whether they are scalp, intraday, or swing traders. It offers spreads on several accounts, institutional-grade conditions, and pricings, and has zero spreads for certain currency pairs which apply during certain specific market conditions. Due to these, it is a solid option for intraday traders.

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• Regulations: FCA and ASIC
• Type: ECN
• Minimum deposit: USD 200
• Forex leverage: 1:500
• Platforms: MT4 (for Android, iPad/iPhone, and desktop), MT5 (desktop only), cTrader (cTrader mobile, cAlgo, and web platform)
• Other instruments: CFDs on commodities, indices, and cryptocurrency


This broker promises low spreads and low commissions. With over 200 people employees, the company is making sure that the promise holds. To allow the low spreads and low costs conditions, HotForexinvests in new technologies constantly. This is enough reason to make it a suitable option for intraday traders.

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• Regulations: FSA, FSCA, DFSA, FCA, CySEC
• Type: ECN
• Minimum deposit: USD 100
• Forex leverage: 1: 1000
• Platforms: HF Markets iPad/iPhone Trader, HF Markets Android, MetaTrader 4 Web terminal, HF Markets Multiterminal, HF Markets MT4 Terminal
• Other instruments: CFDs on commodities, indices, shares, bonds, energies, metals, and crypto currency


There is something interesting about this broker. FBS advertises itself as a broker that doesn’t charge swaps or commissions for certain accounts. This makes it an exciting option for day traders. Not to mention it also has no slippage promise and very tight spreads, making it all the more attractive.
FBS is an international forex broker since 2009 and have more than 190 branch offices currently including Indonesia. More than 14 million traders and 370 thousand partners have chosen FBS as their forex broker.
• Legal Documents: Domain all property rights of FBS Inc .; Registration No. 74825; Addresses at: Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH96960

Website operated by FBS Markets Inc .; Registration No. 119717; FBS Markets Inc. is regulated by IFSC, with IFSC / 60/230 / TS / 18 license number; Address at: No.1 Orchid Garden Street, Belmopan, Belize, C.A.

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• Minimum deposit: USD 5
• Forex leverage: 1:500
• Platforms: cTrader (desktop, iOS, Android), MT4 (desktop, iOS, Android, web platform), MT5 (desktop, iOS, Android, web platform)
• Other instruments: CFDs on commodities, indices, and cryptocurrency


The EXNESS is already an established broker as it already won a global award. It offers amazing account types with security and safety of funds. The broker also recognized as among the best in the forex industry in terms of trading execution. This is expected, considering how the broker tries to keep up with the latest technologies.

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Nymstar Limited is a Securities Dealer registered in Seychelles with registration number 8423606-1 and authorised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) with licence number SD025. The registered office of Nymstar Limited is at F20, 1st floor, Eden Plaza, Eden Island, Seychelles. Nymstar Limited is duly authorised to operate under the Exness brand and trademarks.

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• Regulations: FSA, FSCA, CySEC
• Type: ECN
• Minimum deposit: USD 5, GBP 5, EUR 5,
• Forex leverage: 1:2000
• Platforms: (iOS, Android), MT4 (desktop, web platform, Android, iOS, Mac, multi-terminal), MT5 (desktop, web platform, Android, iOS, Mac)
• Other instruments: CFDs on indices, commodities, shares, and spot metals


This broker grew quite well in the last few years. It is not surprising. Robofrex. After all, it has among the fastest executions in the forex industry. Not only that, but it also offers more than eight asset classes as well. Today, many traders are running micro accounts for their day trading activities, enjoying the tight spreads that the broker offers

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• Regulations: CySEC, IFSC
• Type: STP, ECN, Market Maker
• Minimum deposit: USD 10
• Forex leverage:1:2000
• Platforms: R Trader (web platform), cTrader (desktop, Android, iOS, web), MT4 (desktop, Android, iOS, web), MT5 (desktop, Android, iOS, web)
• Other instruments: CFDs on soft commodities, indices, stocks, metals, energies, and ETFs. RoboForex also has another instrument crypto currency as well.

All those are best ecn forex brokers that suitable for scalping techniques and intraday forex strategies. HOTFOREXKOT4X ECNOSPREY-FX ECNLMFX-ECNROBOFOREX ECNJUSTFOREX ECN also one of good broker for trading forex with very fast execution and fast deposit withdrawal and deposit using many options. Neteller is one of the secure, fast and easiest payment to deposit and withdrawal money.