Are You Scalper Forex ? Why Not Try Trading Forex In Exness ?

Exness – Perfect For Scalping Traders

Exness open mini forex accountDo you have interest to join forex broker for scalping forex? If you are interested in this field, you have to know first which broker that you choose to get a good service. Exness as best forex broker for scalping with 1:2000 laverage and candlestick basic patterns is a broker that give its trader all facilities to get profit in scalping forex; with 1:2000 laverage, exness provides trader to have much borrowed money in forex and with candlestick basic pattern, traders can access market instantly to get the actual information about what is happening in the market and it also helps you get a lot of pips.

Exness is a forex broker that has been founded in 2008. Exness gives full facilities for traders in scalping forex who have account in its company. It has a deep comprehension in scalping forex and it supports traders to get what they need. All members of exness will realize their potentials in this business field because they get it from exness.



The first is the rule that gives traders profit. There are various instruments in trading, fixed spread, there is no commission for company when traders collect their profit and save it. The second is reliability; the company give surety to all traders that their infestations and profit are safe. The third is service based global standard; it makes traders comfortable when executing because they just need one to two second to do it. The fourth is transparency, the company shares information all about how it works.



The fifth is quality, company always considers all what traders want to get. The sixth is accessibility; since there is no commission for trading, everyone can access all services that company provides. All those facilities that exness provides are for traders’ pleasure and if you are interested in scalping forex, you can consider this company.

Other supports for clients that exness provides are an officially websites that can be accesed in 22 languages and the supports in 13 languages include 24/5 for 10 languages and 24/7 for three languages (Russian, English and Mandarin). It means that not only in one or two countries clients of exness. The second is laverage up to 1:2000. This facility helps clients to manage trading strategy and ease them to deal with margin. 1:2000 margin is available for some accounts; cent account and mini account.

There are four kinds of account that you can choose. The first is cent account; choosing this account you have deposit minimum $1 convert to cent, lot from 0,01=$0,1 cent/pip, 1:2000 laverage, spread from 0,7 pips, supporting automatic depositing and withdrawal of money such as NETELLER, skrill, moneybrokers, Web Money, Perfect Money and RBK money. The second is Mini account, this kind account has similar specification with cent account except for deposit minimum which is $10 and laverage up to 1:2000. The third is classic account; the specification is deposit minimum $2000, laverage up to 1:2000, lot from 0,1=$1/pip, spread from 0,3 pips and supporting Automatic depositing and withdrawal like other accounts above. The last is ECN account; deposit minimum for this account is $300, laverage up to 1:100, lot from 0,1=$1/pip, spread from 0,1 pips and supporting automatic depositing and withdrawal.

Forex Candlestick Basic Patterns

forex-candlesticks-basicsCandlestick basic patterns are one facility that exness gives to client; this helps trader get information that they need for scalping. A trader should know what candlestick pattern is because to get know the right time when to execute, you have to read this candlestick patterns.

butterlfly-forex-patterns forex-candlesticks-reversal-patterns
candlesticks-reversal-trading-strategy candlesticks-forex-trading-strategy
simple-breakout-candlesticks-forex-strategy bullish-confirmation-candlesticks-trading-strategy

When you read forex reversal candlestick patterns, you can make a lot of pips as well. There are some basic pattern of candlestick such as Bullish candle, Bearish candle, body and wicks. If you see a bullish candle goes long, it means that the price is up because in financial markets, bullish means long move. Then, bearish candle is formed when the price is down. The third is body that gives you information about the closed and opened price; if the body is red, it means that the price is lower than it opened and if the body is white, the price is higher than it opened. The last is wick that give detail about the lowest and highest point that candle reach. Those are basic lesson for you who want to learn how to read a candlestick basics reversal patterns.